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This is one of my favorite reads and highly recommend.

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Joseph Biden was re-elected to work in Congress for 36 years. His constituents believed he was doing a good job, and he was still working in Congress when he was tapped to become the Vice President to Barak Obama - a man who is already ranked among the top ten Presidents of all time. Biden's record in the last four years has been outstanding - again, putting Americans first with guaranteeing jobs and touting the lowest unemployment rate in many years. Our economy is now the fastest growing in the entire world while he has paid down the national debt by one trillion dollars. Considering he inherited a fiscal disaster from Trump, his rating should be way above 50%.

It isn't however, due to the "dirty politics" publicized by Trump and the Russian cyber interference and hacking to denigrate Biden's performance. In today's substack you said "None of us know exactly what will be the outcome of this trial in a Manhattan criminal courtroom, a poetic location for the real estate developer from Queens who always dreamed of being accepted by Manhattan’s elite—and largely failed to do so. Most Manhattanites rejected him over the years, with nearly nine out of ten voting against him in 2016 and 2020; those who witnessed him at close range understood his low caliber and how unfit he is to be anywhere near the levers of power." This is relevant because he is running against a man who was re-elected and loved by his constituents for decades.

Trump, whose entire life has been spent chasing money, will most likely be convicted of one or two or more of the 91 criminal charges against him. In civil court, he has already been convicted of FRAUD and RAPE - labeled a sexual predator. He sold his soul and our country to the Russians decades ago, and I lived in Moscow during his many visits and wild escapades to places like the Beverly Hills nightclub, casino, and restaurant. My oldest daughter was the manager of this joint venture who's partners were Mayor Lyushkov of Moscow and Chuck Norris - a place known for it's corruption, naked women, and famous faces. I witnessed Trump's "low caliber" up front and close. He is repulsive and disgusting and treats women atrociously. And while many Trumpers say they will not vote for him if he is convicted, time will tell.

When I think of the term "low caliber," I think of a lack of education. Time Magazine (May 15, 2024) wrote an excellent article called "Red States Least Educated in the U.S." It goes on to say "Red states fall 1.5 percentage points below the national average for high school completion and 3.3 percentage points below the national average for college degree attainment. . . four red states fall into the category where a high percentage of residents hold NO high school diploma - Mississippi, Louisiana, Kentucky, Texas. . . and Texas was rated the worst in the U.S. with 19.2% without a high school degree." If education is an indication of the level of - or lack thereof - deductive reasoning, then this is consistent with those red voters who choose Trump. These same voters rejected President Obama, not necessarily because he was a Democrat, but because he was a highly educated Black man. There is a direct dotted line between a lack of or no education and individuals who are vulnerable to coercive mind manipulation.

Brainwashing, as it is known in the West, began in totalitarian countries about a hundred years ago. It was used in many autocratic countries such as Germany, China, Russia, Italy, Hungry, Poland, and so on. It is defined in Wikipedia as "telling lies over and over until they are perceived as the truth." If the lies contain hatred - which was used by Hitler against Jews and by Trump daily against anyone who is not a Trumper, it releases a chemical in the human brain to enact violence - like what we saw on Jan. 6th. Take a minute and look at the glazed faces of those individuals who were breaking Capital windows, defecating on the floor or stealing documents. They believed that they were "saving democracy" where in reality they were destroying our form of government. Hundreds of these Trumpers are now in prison for their illegal actions.

rump, who lives in his delusional world, also believes things that could not be and are not true. Trump's criminal trial - the first against a previous U.S. President - is unparalleled in our history. He lacks the deductive reasoning to understand the graveness and solemnity of this historical event. And, he expects his loyal followers, MAGA, and Republican members of Congress to agree with his faulty assessment. Perhaps the abundance of solid evidence will change a few of these controlled minds, but the cult of Trump is large and they have been hypnotized.

Once a person is "propagandized" they believe what their leader says and doubt all else. Even if Trump is convicted and sent to prison, these people still will not alter their beliefs. On January 6th, it was ONLY after Trump went on TV and told the insurrectionists that "he loved them" but they needed to go home that they packed up their stolen items and their weapons and left.

Donald Trump's many-sided destructiveness reaches far and wide across our nation. He is dangerously unfit to be our President, yet almost half our country believes his lies and is controlled by his coercive mind-control techniques. Brainwashing works. Hitler converted an entire peaceful nation into mass murderers and over six million humans were murdered. Stalin is reported to have killed over 20 million people. Putin is well on his way to repeat Stalin's history and is proud of this assessment. Trump shows all the signs of being compromised by Russian KGB/FSB.

I personally lived through the Russian "wining and dining and flattery" in an attempt to convince me to work for the Russian government. I managed to elude their capture - but Trump apparently did not. Putin blames the U.S. for the downfall of the Soviet Union. In 1997 a book was published in Russia called The Foundation of Geopolitics which outlines Putin's revenge and plans for the destruction of the United States. This includes placing a man in power who is loyal to Russia, i.e. Trump.

The shadow cast by Putin over the landscape of American democracy and his influence and control over Trump is what we see happening NOW. Our democracy hangs in the balance.

Elizabeth www.democrazy2020.org

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