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Hi Elise, while you've written an interesting analysis, it's more about a couple trees rather than the forest. There's a great shift occurring in the American economy which is being reflected in the politics. The change came with shale and fracking. This reduced the cost of domestic production, especially between America and Mexico. This has led to onshoring of American production. Robert Lighthizer was the vanguard of this trend under Trump. He basically told China that happy days were over. Then covid struck and this hastened the process. Biden has only institutionalised Lighthizer's work and carried it to its logical end. The politics have reflected this. Trumpism has become the rallying point for the economic and cultural losers of this transition and thus a party of grievance. Their authoritarian program is reactive to a feeling of disempowerment. That's a hard core 30% of the American population. The traditional Republicans are merging into the Democratic Party since there's a continuity of beliefs. The last time we saw such a transition was when Dixicrats moved to the Republican Party and the black vote went to the Democrats. Last I looked there's a healthy optimism for a positive future in the hearts and wallets of the American majority. This involves an internationalist foreign and domestic policy.

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Bill Thad’s an interesting analysis as well, and I know it has a lot to do with economic issues. Still, I don’t think 30 percent of the population is an insignificant figure. Thanks for weighing in!

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I remember when DJT even wanted to cut military ties with Germany, pulling out bases etc., and now he’s threatening NATO again. So let’s hope the OG-GOP flourishes under Biden and we can get back to mutually hating fascists and autocrats, like good Americans should.

(Note: The audio sounds good. Thx!)

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I find it difficult to even discuss today’s republicans party, certainly in the realm of policy. The party has no written platform. I take this to mean they want to place no restraints on their actions. Plus, angry, vengeful, retribution actions probably would look like a childish tantrum when committed to paper.

Face facts, as long as Trump is their nominee, their policy changes nearly everytime Trump starts speaking. He may read a teleprompter and thereby stick to the proposals from his previous speech. If he speaks unscripted God knows what lunacy he will advocate for.

I wonder if the Germans ever talked about Hitler’s foreign policy?

I think it best to sticking to describing Trump as a monster.

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