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Dear Elise: Your article is not just well written, but superb. Please read From Democracy to Democrazy by Graham. I am an American who spent the majority of my career living and working in communist and dictator-led countries and share these experiences in the book as well as warn the American public abut Trump who I realized in 2015 was a replica of other dictators worldwide and was also, mostly likely, compromised and controlled by Vladimir Putin.

Every single voter in the United States needs to vote this year in favor of Joe Biden as if their life depends on it - because it does!!!

How do I get permission to quote you in my second book? Contact is graham1elizabeth@aol.com. Thank you, Elizabeth www.democrazy2020.org

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Bravo Elise!!! Your best newsletter yet! Poignant and perceptive. Sadly, I worry that too many Americans have fallen under the spell of authoritarian demagoguery and joined the ranks of the aptly named "invertabrates." I hope that I am wrong.

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And yet our governments in the west persecute, with no formal charge, to the verge of death - Julian Assange. The fear porn of seeing life from just one lens is understandable as the governments weld a narrative in the form of “ignorance is power”. But it would be helpful if journalists aim to work towards values of balance and deeper insight. With this, idealistically it may bring a consequence of depolarisation. The west is no angel, far from it. It could be less naive for us to face that and incorporate it into opinions. I’m not a Putin apologist. I just fear we can’t balance anymore and it’s leading to greater ignorance and misguided anger. A benefit to no one.

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