Phil that is a very gloomy assessment! And where are you proposing all the people flee to?

Call me naive but I do think something positive will rise out of this most painful episode of this sad and cruel conflict. It has to. It may not have a Hallmark card quality to it, but I truly believe everyone realizes the status quo is unsustainable.

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Imho, there's a way to leap over all such Mid East analysis which is now flooding the Internet. We should want to leap over the existing pattern of analysis, because in 75 years, it's never made anyone in the region safer. Step One: Stop doing that which we know doesn't work.

The way to leap over the longstanding pattern of failed thinking is to simply face the reality that peace in the Middle East is now officially dead.

Example: Half of American marriages end in divorce. There comes a moment for many couples when they just have to face the fact that they tried, but failed.

This is that moment in the Middle East. If you doubt this, feel free to put your favorite peace plan on the table and I'll rip it to shreds in two minutes. Anyone can do this if they've been paying attention.

Hope is still available. Peace is still possible! Just not in the region.

Forget about governments and diplomats and conferences etc. When has any of that ever worked???

We should be speaking to the those in the region as individuals, and urging them to get out of the region while there is still time. The region is now careening towards some form of WMD calamity. Those who flee can find peace and security. Those who stay will find neither.

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Explained the conflict in a factual honest and truthful way. This gives you the both sides of the story and explains who the true culprit is, Hamas!!

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